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But I'm just one person. What Can I do?

But I'm just one person. What can I do? How can I possibly make a short film in 48 hours? I'm not a DC or Marvel superhero with filmmaking skills that defy the laws of physics!

Well, neither is Sarah Grant of Glasgow, Scotland... at least not when it comes to defying the laws of physics. Definitely a filmmaking superhero though!

In 2019, she was the Best in City winner for the Glasgow, Scotland 48 Hour Film Project. A one person production and post production team! When it came to making a film for the 48 Hour Film Project, she never uttered the sentence, "But I'm just one person..."

Instead, she chose the mantra #dontwaitcreate.

Her film "Scare" is a case study in what one person can achieve when the desire to create floods through you. Not only did her film take the top prize in Glasgow, it went on to take 2nd place at Filmapalooza 2020 in Rotterdam and then to the Cannes Film Festival 48 Hour Film Project screening!

Sarah is living proof of what a single, solitary individual can accomplish when they put their mind to the task of creating. From her website: "Sarah is a queer writer, poet, filmmaker and actor based in Glasgow. She is a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award Nominee, a Sky Academy Arts Scholar, a Scottish National Poetry Slam Championship finalist and on the Young Women's Movement 30-Under-30 list of influential women in Scotland.

Sarah's filmmaking journey started in 2014 with the Dream to Screen competition hosted by Cineworld Cinemas. She was working as a waitress when she made her first film, 'The Cyclist' which won the competition and was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award.

She then spent 4 years making films with collective One More Stone, a group from across the UK who's endeavours won filmmaking awards that took them to Paris, LA, Seattle and Florida.

In 2019 Sarah formed her own company, Coven Productions, and put herself in front of the camera for the first time with two short films called 'The Aviary' and made 'Scare'. Coven Production's mission is to tell stories that are honest, feminist and fearless. 'Scare' has since been screened at festivals worldwide and it now a BAFTA qualifying short. This short caught the attention of the BBC and she has since contributed to BBC The Social many times.

Sarah is currently developing longer form content with BBC Studios, BBC Comedy and Happy Tramp North.

In 2019 Sarah debuted her first one woman spoken word theatre show, and in 2020 she received funding from Creative Scotland to develop the an education programme based on the show, to teach confidence and authenticity to young people through spoken word.

Sarah lives with her noise-making husband (he's a sound designer, he can't help it) in the west end. She enjoys dancing, reading, running, swimming, painting and eating copious amounts of mashed potatoes."

So, if you are an actor who's wondering what you can possibly do all by your lonesome... ask yourself, "What would Sarah Grant do?"

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