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The Season of 48 is upon us!

Every spring, summer, and fall, the 48 Hour Film Project kicks off in cities all over the world, encouraging filmmakers of all experience and skill levels to put their money where their mouth is and make a film in a mere two days.

It starts off slowly with a couple of cities in April. Ramps up in May as more cities are engaged. Then comes the frenzy of filmmaking weekends in June, July, and August where some weekends will hold up to a dozen 48 Hour events! Then comes fall. As nature slows down, so do the 48 events, but something lurks in the shadows. GENRE EVENTS! As the regular 48 events wind down, about a dozen cities hold special filmmaking events focused on a specific genre of film; horror, science fiction, holiday, comedy, and political satire to name a few.

Every week in this blog, we'll be posting info on upcoming 48 Hour filmmaking weekends as well as cities with open registrations.

Without further ado... here are the upcoming filmmaking weekends: June 10, 2022

United States

United States

June 24, 2022


United States

United States

And don't miss out on our (sometimes more than weekly) podcast episodes here at or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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