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Welcome to 48 Hour Heroes: Origin Stories

Hey hey hey! I'm Krk Nordenstrom, the co-producer of the Seattle, Montana, and San Francisco 48 Hour Film Projects. I started the Seattle leg of this international timed filmmaking competition in 2005.

I was a few years out of film school, and itching to do anything film related to get my feet wet and build a portfolio of work.

To make a long story short, in 2004 I heard about the 48 Hour Film Project, but was aghast that Portland, OR was running the event, but not Seattle. I pestered the founders of the event to the point where they suggested I participate in the sibling competition, The National Film Challenge (now the 4 Points Film Project). I produced to teams. One did poorly due to some unfortunate circumstances and the other kicked major ass creating a comedy noir film called "Vice 11" which was invited to Filmapalooza 2005 at Cinequest in San Jose, CA... my home town! At the closing night party, while wildly intoxicated, I was asked by co-founder of the 48, Liz Langston, if I would like to bring the 48 to Seattle. I hollered a drunk, "HELL YEAH!" In the morning I woke up with a terrible hangover and the lingering thought, "I'm an editor. What have I gotten myself into?!"

Now, 17 years later, the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project is still going strong with its companion horror film event each October. My co-producer, Kris Flink, and I have since 2019 have expanded our 48 empire to include Montana, and more recently, San Francisco!

Earlier this year, before our annual international celebration of the best 48 hour films from around the world, Filmapalooza, I decided it was finally time to pull the trigger on an idea I'd been mulling over for several years, a 48HFP themed podcast. What was the hook though? What would the core be? Enter my love of the MCU superhero universe. Everyone who participates in, or runs a 48 Hour Film Project is my hero... and every hero has an origin story. Enjoy!

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